About a Tech

Hello, welcome, have a seat, please sit, no really sit…no?  Well it’s kind of awkward that we are all sitting and you, Mr. Free-thinker are standing…

Anywho, I’m Kim, I am currently a first year nursing student at a large state university in Seattle, Washington.  I, however, have not always been a resident of the great city of Seattle, no, I am what every Seattlite fears, a Californian.  Although, I have no money, so I probably won’t steal a house from you, and I am only really skilled in dialysis, so I probably won’t steal a job from you either, but I probably will cut you off on the I-5, you all drive super slow.

Oh yeah, I am a dialysis technician, BONENT certified since March 2008.  I have been in the business for five years and worked for a medium sized non-profit in Sonoma County, California (where all the wine and cows are).  Now, I work for another dialysis company which shall remain nameless because I need to eat ramen and pay tuition, mostly pay tuition, but eating is good too, I guess. 

The clinic I work at is inner-city, it isn’t pretty and can be somewhat overwhelming at times to deal with patients who haven’t had the best luck.  Being able to duck a punch has paid off well, if you don’t believe me, ask my co-worker with the black eye. 

I am the fifth and last child, so basically, everything is about me, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I also rent space from two felines, which let me tell you are real jackasses of landlords, but the rent is cheap and cleaning the litterbox isn’t that bad.

Sir Rufus of McNufus, Landlord Numero Uno

Murray, sure his cuteness can kill so can his razor-sharp claws of death, especially if you take the wrong pillow to sleep on.


2 Responses to “About a Tech”

  1. Woo-hoo! Another dialysis person! I’m so glad you found me! Thanks for the comment on my blog and for the link in your blogroll. I’ll return the favor.

    I don’t talk about work much on my blog because I was checking stats one day and saw a lot of hits from our corporate IT department. It scared me enough that I closed down that blog and started the current one. I even changed from Blogger to WordPress. I’m not exactly anonymous and my company is so small everyone knows everyone else’s business. There are only 26 patients in my clinic and it would be too easy to figure out who is who.

    Keep in touch. I want to know more about your adventures in nursing school.


  2. Janet –

    I know the feeling, our clinical coordinator for my unit approached me and asked if I had a blog, she is fortunately one of the few employees who can care less what people do on their down time.

    The unit I work in which is tied to the big 48 station one in the Northbay, has only 12 chairs and everyone knows everything about everyone.

    I think it is awesome who we can meet on the blogosphere. Keep up the good work!

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