This was going through Kim’s head

In roughly this sequence…

Curiously strong mints…hmmm, why do they put that on the box?…

…those mini altoids have little As on them…

…I wonder if the big altoids feel left out?….

…I remember when I first heard Eminem’s name I thought he liked M&M candy, heh….

…I like brown M&Ms the best…

…Rufus is a brown tabby, but he’s mostly grey, I wonder why the vet calls him a brown tabby…

…these scrubs make me look like Tinky Winky…

…Tinky Winky isn’t so bad, but that slutty red one…

…Why was there a snow shovel at Target?  Are they lying to me about it snowing here?….

…I hope it snows on a Saturday that why I can text everyone and be like WTF it’s snowing, eh…

…should I get a landline?…

…I totally have to send that one picture I took to my brother…

…what is that smell…is that pho?…

Me thinks I forgot to take my Allderol this morning.


~ by Kim on November 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “This was going through Kim’s head”

  1. Aahh yes
    Nursing School = Nursing = scattered brain.

  2. Hrm. I think this way most of the time. Maybe I need to talk to someone 🙂

  3. With a thought process like that you should have been a medic!(meant in the “good” way)

    My wife always says that this job was perfect for me. I haven’t ever told a story in completion. Just take a look at one of my blog posts as example!

    Speaking of that–my toast is done.

  4. Medic Three –

    I take that as a compliment, I have total respect for medics..enjoy your toast! lol

  5. I have been totally zoning like this in class lately. It’s ridiculous!

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