Saturday Bullets:Radio Star Edition

  • I was a guest on the Doctor Anonymous show, you can hear me here, the show is about an hour long, I talk about dialysis, my future as a nurse and a few other things.
  • Yes, that is what I sound like, yes I do say um a lot.  I love you too.
  • This week at school we are at the first part of starting IVs, which meant we got to start them on each other! And the SimMan, I got the first one but I need a whole lot more practice before I can feel comfortable with them.
  • But Kim! You stick needles in people’s arms all the time!  I know.  However a fistula is different then someone’s dorsal, cephalic and basilic veins.
  • I got my placement for my Med/Surg rotation for next semester, and I am extremely excited about it. 
  • It is a Level 1 trauma center, yippee!
  • Yea, the Election.  The canidate I wanted to win, did win, this however, is going to be a long road before we can get the country back where it should be.  I wish President -elect Obama the best, but I also hope he realizes that the country is willing to change and that even means him if he does ‘f’ it up.
  • Prop 8 did not pass, it makes me sad but I forsee a change in the future, so we shall wait and see.


That’s all I got this week…I’m exhausted and have to work a double shift on Sunday, 18 hours.

See you in a few days.


~ by Kim on November 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Saturday Bullets:Radio Star Edition”

  1. I listened!!!

  2. Well thank you for listening!!

  3. You were GREAT! enthusiastic about your work, intelligent. He even thought you were doctor material. You have a nice voice too. It went very well. I hope that you do another show.

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