There was hope in the streets of Seattle last night, I opened my windows and let it in.  I heard voices and couldn’t tell the difference of race, color, creed and sexual orientation.  We had come together to celebrate in the fact that there is hope out there.

I am ready for this change.

What I was not ready for with the passing of Prop 8 in California.

The civil rights of many Americans were just denied because of beliefs of a few.  I feel so very sad for everyone, but especially those who voted yes. 

The hate in this world is unbelievable, and yes, voting yes is hate.  I believe religious views probably came into play, perhaps it was how your parents taught you to behave to vote that way.  But this country is different then it was when your parents were alive and if I have to refer to the Bible, I will say that God is the only one who should judge, not man, not voters, not anyone. 

So, yes I do feel sorry for everyone, I feel sorry for the hate and I feel sorry for those who were denied the right to publically make it official to marry someone.

We are all in this world together, black, white, yellow or purple, gay or straight, Mormon, Muslim, Christian or Anthiast, we’re all stuck on this spinning planet.  Why can’t we all just give each other the right to be who we are and make decisions for ourself rather then denying because we are uncomfortable with it?

On a personal note, I will still go to California, my brother will still have a commitment ceremony with the person he has loved and lived with for the past 7 years.  The small minded will not get us down.


~ by Kim on November 5, 2008.

8 Responses to “Hope”

  1. I am very sad that Prop8 looks like it will pass (I haven’t heard the final, absolute call on this, but I haven’t checked since this morning). I am sorry that your brother and so many others can’t officially call themselves “married” in the state of California. I am not aware of all the legalities, but people for Prop8 seem to think that other than the right to be called “married,” gay couples seem (in their opinion) to have all the legal protections/benefits of married couples through civil unions: insurance, taxes, buy/sell property, estates/probate, etc. I hope that’s the case, for their legal benefit, but as long as there’s a line in the sand, there’ll always be this Jim Crowe-like “separate but equal” that is not equal (or it wouldn’t have to be separate).

    Having said that, I do take issue with “a vote ‘yes’ is hate.” It certainly is for some unfortunate individuals, but to paint such a broad brush is showing the very prejudice you are railing against. People have religious beliefs of their own accord, not necessarily (and condescendingly, as you put it) “given to them by their parents.” There are plenty of people who voted their conscience in a thoughtful way, without hatred, but thought they were doing the right thing. Personally, I think they are threatened, and that fear, like the awesome moment in history yesterday, will be vanquished one day. I wish that day was today.

    Congratulations to your brother. In the end, finding someone to love and spend the rest of one’s life with is the greatest victory of all.

  2. I actually didn’t mean their believes were given by their parents because in the end one has to make that decision themselves, however, many of been taught to feel a certain way towards a group of people who are different from them from their parents.

    That was all I meant, not condescendingly at all.

  3. People are people. I may have some conservative views, but there’s no way in hell I would vote that two people should not be able to be married. I don’t care what sex they are.

  4. I’m with you 100%. My state has disappointed me.

    I don’t think there’s anything I could be told to help me understand why someone feels this way and thinks it acceptable. I’m Catholic, but also go against church politics on several issues, this being one. The backing arguments given as supporting evidence from the Bible are ambiguous at best.

    I believe wholeheartedly that those who vote against these measures do so out of fear of something unknown to them. Fear is a great motivator, which is incredibly sad.

    If the argument is for God, it seems that people forget the very basic tenets that Jesus taught and what was at the root of them all: love above all, whether it be thy neighbor or turning the other cheek rather than succumb to anger. And if it isn’t religion-driven, love is still a pretty powerful argument. How someone could feel good in voting to deny another the right to publicly acknowledge (and yes, reap the legal benefits of) their union blows my mind. It would seem to ask for outright marriage provisions is too ambitious at this point, but I thought our country would be more receptive to civil unions.

    And I’m so sorry for your brother; it’s unfair that those who possess the correct genitalia can marry (and divorce) willy-nilly without question, but same-sex couples in long-term relationships have to go through this hurtful, ridiculous charade.

    I read a statement somewhere about it in conjunction with Obama being elected: “It’s like coming home from the best party ever only to find out your house burned down.”


  5. I am also sad that Prop8 looks like it will pass. At least the last time I checked it was undecided. I read that similar propositions in other states passed. But California is different because they alowed gay marrige. Does this mean that those who got married have marragies that are now anelled? Are Ellen & Portia are no longer married too? To me it all seems like a cruel, sick joke! Maybe this will be appealed, or something?

    I’m so sorry about your brother & his partner. It’s great that they have been together for such a long time, and will have a commitment ceremony. I hope that one day soon they will be able to marry.

    One of my blog buddies is a lesbian, and has been blogging a great deal latly about Prop 8. Perhaps you’d like to visit her.


  6. Agree with it or not… it’s still the way the American public casts it’s opinion and view.
    I think this entire election, the presidency and Prop 8 has opened my eyes to how important it really is to contribute your voice.
    I just hope that we can all find a common ground to function on as civil human beings, because in the end we that’s all we are.
    A hug to you my friend.

  7. It will be fought. It will not be allowed to rest. Sadly it shows the number of people who still aren’t able to see that love is love no matter who is involved.

  8. WTB separation of church & state. Isn’t that in your constitution? yet America seems solely based on reborn Christianity. it just seems so hypocritical! in Canada, we couldn’t give a rat’s ass if our PM goes to church or not.

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