Dialysis and nursing school

I have been asked several times if I am going to stay in dialysis after nursing school.

To be honest I do not know the answer.  I figure I will always come back to it and work my way up to place I feel I can make a difference at.

There are things I want to accomplish first, like ICU or Emergency/trauma nursing first, to get a good feel for critical care, to wet my feet in the even faster-paced life.  I also want to do some nursing in foreign countries, where nurses are needed and the surroundings are less then steller.  I have this inner need to be that person who works in Africa giving shots or helping a doctor deliever babies.  It’s a need I have felt since I was in a foriegn country.

Dialysis patients are however, where my heart is.

The care of renal patients doesn’t just involve dialysis and the kidney’s, they all have a wide spectrum of other co-morbidities.  It is never boring and there are always new things to learn.  The patients are challenging, their diagnosis can be challenging but in the end very rewarding.  There are days they can be the most frustrating and others that just melt your heart. 

In dialysis, we all become a messed up family, there are weeks were I spend more time with my patients then I do with family (even when I lived with family).  The continuity of patient care is nice, you can see them from beginning to transplant which is so incredible, so rewarding, a relief, really.

To sum it up, I will be back, after nursing school and after some experience outside nephrology.  I will be back and better.


~ by Kim on November 2, 2008.

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