Saturday Bullets: Holy Crap Edition

So I am trying this new thing since I haven’t been blogging regularly, I am going to sum up my week in bullet form, this does not mean I will not be blogging during the week.

  • Took my Washington State Technician exam and passed which means I can officially be a dialysis tech in Washington. 
  • The new cat, Murray, is the devil, I mean it, he is into everything, including putting things in my mouth while I sleep.  Damn cat.
  • During clinicals at a Skilled Nursing Facility, I witnessed my first nursing school death, which was very peaceful.
  • I got to prepare the body after the person had passed on.  This was an experience that when I tried to share with my mother she howled and said she didn’t want to know.
  • A nurse from the SNF said she thought I was going to be a great nurse.  That made me feel awesome.
  • Mid-terms.  Yuck.  I passed all of them with grades ranging from low 90s to high 90s.  An A is an A, I will not be picky with an A.
  • On thursday, on campus, an ex-employee lit himself on fire.  I was no where near where it took place but my mother flipped, she also flipped when she found out last year a girl was murdered on campus.  Hello college life.
  • Oh yeah, my dog was put to sleep on Halloween, he had advanced liver cancer and my parents decided it was time before his suffering was too horrible.
  • Yes, I am officially heart broken and everytime I think about weep fat tears.

Milo Jacob

March 10, 1999 – October 31, 2008

Every dog I will ever meet will always be compared to him,

he was the thing that helped me overcome my personal demons.


~ by Kim on November 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Saturday Bullets: Holy Crap Edition”

  1. Honey I am so proud of you for doing so well with your grades and clinicals… And at the same time… I’m heartbroken for you over your loss. I’ve been there, weeping the same big fat tears. I know that doesn’t bring you any comfort, but believe me, if I lived closer I’d be there for a hug and to listen.

  2. Thanks Epi, that means so very much.

  3. *HUG* for you.
    & your first post-mortem care is one you always remember. I know I did, and still do.
    There is a certain calmness and amount of respect everyone does and should give to the deceased. It helps me bring closure sometimes when I’ve taken care of the patient for an extended period (if there is such a thing in the ICU)

  4. So very sorry for your loss. It never goes away, but does get easier (have been through it three times–loss of a beloved dog). Remember him well, with love and laughter and sometimes tears.

  5. Thank you all so very much

  6. I’m so sorry about Milo. I had to put my 10 year-old cat to sleep (FIV) about 5 years ago and it still gives me pangs occasionally. *hugs*

    I just started the SNF last week. I’d been at the community hospital, but my program divides my class in half and then rotates after 8 weeks. Loved the hospital, am really ambivalent about the SNF. I need to get over it.

    I just have to say, it’s nice to read a blog that parallels what’s going on in my life right now, even if someone else has to suffer along. : )

  7. I’m so sorry about Milo. Take care of yourself.

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