Did you know….?

That in Western Washington the Medic One’s have a training day at a dialysis clinic and learn how to properly access patients accesses in case of emergency?  They even are taught some aspects of the machine.

Tell me why this isn’t done everywhere? Including you, California?  Hmm?


~ by Kim on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Did you know….?”

  1. It’s taught in Michigan… at least at the medic program I was in it was.

  2. That is good…it is, unfortunately, not done everywhere.

  3. People tell me it takes a special person to work in EMS, to work in emergency services in general. I just shrug it off. I think the real special people are those nurses and caretakers that decide to care for people for the long term, to witness their pain and suffering and help them through it all. Good job to you–you do wonderful work.

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