Week Two

Well as you can see this blog has been a hotbed of activity, ha!

In case anyone hasn’t told you, nursing school is busy, working and going to nursing school is very busy.  Hopefully in the next few weeks things can be more balanced but needless to say I am extremely tired.

This next week marks our first clinical days which I am extremely excited about.  I know very little but expect to be using what I do know.

On a few other fronts I have been a tad homesick.  I love Seattle, I love I am in nursing school but I haven’t exactly made a lot of friends, which might be my fault and the circumstances I am in.  See, I am not a rich daughter of a doctor, I am the poor daughter of butcher and my parents aren’t paying for my schooling.  I am.  Now, I am not complaining, it was my decision to go to a expensive four year university in another state, sometimes I regret that decision.  Living at home where my mom would make me dinner after a long day at school would be nice right now.  But alas, I am an adult and I will be fine.

Enough whinning…I will write more later, I promise.

I have a few good dialysis stories stewing in my braining de-HIPPA-fying.


~ by Kim on October 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Week Two”

  1. My wife did nursing school so I know it’s super tough. Hang in there.

    If you bump into Eddie Vedder, could you tell him I said “HEY EDDIE VEDDER!”

  2. You made the right decision. I mean SF has primo schools, but it was your backyard and you needed to spread your wings. You’ll make connections and establish roots, build your own traditions and memories and live life on your terms. You’ll have the homemade meals and all that good stuff, just not quite as often and you’ll appreciate them even more.

    As for being the daughter of a butcher, do you know how appealing that is to carnivorous single men? Holy Hamhocks woman, that’s GOLD I tell ya! 😀

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