Week One

So it wasn’t exactly a full week since we started on a wednesday, it was however, a full three days.  We filled out a lot of paperwork, read a lot about what we were up against and washed our hands in front of everyone until they were dry and cracked. 

Proper handwashing, people, will keep you from disease.

And then most of the class feel ill. 

I wish I can say it had something to do with a group make-out session but I think it’s a combo of stress, close corners and well germs and some of my co-workers had been sick too, so there ya go.

I am still super excited about, so much so that my enthusiasm has spilled over into work where most everyone just stares at me thinking evil thoughts. 

Next week we learn more about heart and lung sounds and practice on each other.  We shall see what interesting sounds we have with the lot of us sick and congested.  I know when I get a cold I end up having to use an inhaler since things get all jacked up in there and I am unable to cough up said yuckiness. 

Sorry this isn’t very exciting, or really anything worth while.  I am just tired and sick and all woozy everytime I stand.


~ by Kim on September 27, 2008.

One Response to “Week One”

  1. It will get worse before it gets better my dear.
    But i’m here to tell you it’s worth the ride!!!!

    Best of luck.

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