I did it for the free cookies and juice

Because in this economy you just have to go for the free juice.

No, in all seriousness I had been wanting to donate some of my life blood for a while.  First, while in California I contemplated such an endeavor. I, however, had to wait because I had been tattooed within the year. 

Since I am starting Nursing school next week and in need of a life affirming act since I can already tell the life force will be sucked out of my nostrils somewhere in the second semester, I decided to donate some blood.

I made an online appointment after working a short shift at a local hospital (learning the ropes) and went here:

Located near my house! 

I filled out a questionaire, got my finger pricked for a hemoglobin count (14.1 if you wanted to know, oh yeah) and was lead to a very nice comfy chair and then this happened:

People who work at the blood bank are awesome.  They got a 16 guage needle in my tiny ass arm vein and it didn’t even hurt.

The damage that was done:

Can’t even see it…and I got a free cup of juice and some awesome sugar cookies.

In two months, I am making another donation.


~ by Kim on September 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “I did it for the free cookies and juice”

  1. Good for you girl 🙂

    Once I can get my iron back up I’ll be back donating again.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Wow. You had a #16 in your AC with lil’ to no marking. I had my annual TB done 2 weeks ago, and there was a bruise left for almost a week.
    Great job on the donation.

  4. Way to go on the donation, I envy anyone who can do it. (I passed out after my first and only donation).

  5. Good for you! I used to work for a blood bank in the days before dialysis. People like you deserve more than cookies and juice.

  6. YAY! Giving blood!
    2 months? They make us wait at least 3 (less if you give platelets).

    Sometimes the big bakery chains give donations of donuts so we get those with the tea and coffee!
    Those needles they use are like drain pipes. Still can’t figure out how they get one in my arm, even the lecturers couldn’t find a vein.

  7. That’s a great thing to do!

    I can’t donate, I have a history of passing out when they take just a vial of blood. You must have had an excellent tech. My arm is usually badly bruised. I’ve been told that I have “small veins that are tricky, and roll.” Not a good thing to say when drawing blood from a squish person. Nope, not good at all!

    By the way, one time I made it to the elevator before I passed out. They insisted that I be checked out at E.R.

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