How my soul is being eaten by inner city dialysis

Nurse K (the famous) has an excellent post about what I see a lot when I worked in California and now even more working in an inner city dialysis clinic.

Which you can read here


~ by Kim on September 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “How my soul is being eaten by inner city dialysis”

  1. Been there, dialyzed that! Wait till you see a K of 9.0 and a heart rate in the 30’s. I don’t miss my days as an acute dialysis nurse.

  2. In CA we had a pt with a phosphorus of 18…held that high for weeks…

  3. I’ve never seen one that high. What was his calcium? I’ll bet he had rocks in his skin.

    I had a pt. once with a magnesium of 10 from taking milk of mag for constipation. She was obtunded when we got to her, took a week for her to wake up.

  4. He was notorious for being non-compliant in all aspects of care. He was a drug abuser, fluid abuser and would frequently walk in with 14 kilos on, every treatment, refusing extra treatment. Nice guy just didn’t care or was too far gone with his drugs to realize what he was doing to himself…don’t know calcium value at that time, but I am sure it was high.

    Sigh…hope things get better where you are.

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