7 things

I was reading a blog somewhere that was doing 7 things you don’t know about me and since I have no new material (i.e. stressed out so much my hair is falling out) I thought I’d do this for an easy post.

1.) Growing up I never liked cats, it wasn’t until Rufus came into my life that I ever considered to love on a feline.  I still love dogs and probably have more dogs then cats, but for now Rufus is enough.

2.) I have germ issues.  I don’t talk about it very much but I think way to much about public keyboards and the germs that live on them.

3.) I sing a lot, now I never said I had a good voice, but I sing, depends on my mood what song you will get.

4.) When I was little I stuttered and had a lisp and I also didn’t talk to anyone but my older sister and mother until I was four.  They thought I was special but really had no need to express myself to others.

5.) My scrubs always have to match, like if I wear a red scrub top I should have something else red on, same goes for whatever color of pants I am wearing.

6.) I still have my baby blanket from babyhood, it sits on my bed and my cat usually sleeps on it.

7.) I name my animals weird names, like I had a turtle named Petey Pablo.


~ by Kim on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “7 things”

  1. Cool meme.
    Thanks for sharing.

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