Conversations in the breakroom

This took place at my work in California, I have yet to unleash my gross stories upon my new co-workers.

Tech: Hey Kim, tell Texting Nurse what happened yesterday.

Kim: You know Miss X?  Nurse R was checking her ankles for edema and she pulled off the sock on her right foot.

Mormon Secretary walks in and grabs a cup of coffee, I take a bite of my chunky potato soup.

Kim: While pulling off her sock, her big toe flew off and landed in the fish bowl.

Mormon secretary makes gagging noises and leaves room.

Texting Nurse: It landed in the fish bowl?

Kim: No, I made that up.  Her toe was gangrenous, it just rolled off the chair, horrible smell though, everyone had a brief moment of nausousness. 

In case you all think I am heartless, the patient was fine, she was referred to see a doctor after treatment to make sure everything else was as fine as it could be.


~ by Kim on September 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Conversations in the breakroom”

  1. Is it normal for someone on dialysis to have foot/toe problems? Or was something else going on with her?

    ~Burb~ I feel a little sick.

  2. Yeah, dialysis patients usually have cardiovascular issues, some are diabetic which leads to such problems. They have to have specialists cut their toenails because they have loss of feeling in them.

  3. LOL.. Classic nursing humour. Sometimes ya have to be there to appreciated the humour.
    Thanks for sharing.

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