Resurrecting Dead Flies

When  I was five one of my dad’s friends showed us kids a trick. 

He caught a fly and put it in a spoon filled with water, he essentially “drowned” the fly.  He then laid the unmoving fly onto a paper towel and then poured table salt until the fly was completely covered.

A minute or two later the fly crawled his way through the pile of snow white salt and wobbled a bit before he flew off.

I sat there, thinking in my five year old brain that this was in fact a miracle, and while my older brothers took off to find another fly to drown and “resurrect” I went into the backyard to a where a plastic boot sat in the soft layer of soil.  I moved the boot and used my fingers to dig through that soft layer of soil towards the hard, chunkier Adobe clay.

The brown crusty earth flaked off under my nails, it seemed to take me an hour to dig the six inches towards my prize.  A few days prior I had watched my father place my hamster in the ground and bury her, she had died from natural causes but I had been left heartbroken.  She was my friend, a tiny four legged friend that bumped her tiny hamster ball everywhere, in hopes of find her way out of this maze of a house.

I would like to have said I uncovered that hamster and poured salt over her in hopes of a resurrection of mammal form, but my father had come to see what I was up to.  He stopped me before I reached what I can only assume would have been a sight that would lead me to murdering and beheading small animals.

My father told me that it wasn’t like it seemed, that the fly wasn’t really dead, he wasn’t brought back to life by salt.  It was only a trick, he told me I couldn’t bring my hamster back.  As the tears streamed down my face he told me for the first time in my life that there were things I just had to let go.

There are things I cannot change, cannot fix with mere salt but this is me letting them go.


~ by Kim on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Resurrecting Dead Flies”

  1. Wow, that’s a powerful lesson to learn at a very young age!

  2. Sometimes the salt can either be poured into a wound to worsen the blow, or help clear the environment to help one fly away…
    Great thoughts.

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