Okay, finally…

This is just an update:

Internet connection should be up and running, for the moment.  I am currently standing on my head typing in a Northeastern direction so as not to irritate my Comcast modem.  I have a feeling we are going to have a very love/hate relationship.

My PCT training school starts tomorrow.  Sigh.  I have 8 weeks of training which I guess is okay, they are paying me, although the only really new thing I will be learning (as far as I can tell) is their own policies and how to do catheters (which isn’t allowed in CA).  I will also be on PM shift, which is basically good, I can attend school still and get all my training time in, but I am not entirely sure how much sleep I will be getting.

Oh well, it’s only until mid October then I will be back to my three day weekend work schedule.  I can handle it, hopefully. 

Other than that nothing new is really going on, to be honest, I am having a kinda feel sorry for myself day, I cried then felt better, but then had a moment of panic when I realized I am broke.  How nice.

So I am now repeating this mantra:

It will be okay, the first month is always hard.

It will be okay, the first month is always hard.

You may repeat with me, if you’d like.


~ by Kim on September 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Okay, finally…”

  1. *repeating with you*

    It will be okay, the first month is always hard.

  2. The first month is always hard.

    I understand totally where your frustration is coming from, yet I’m jealous of your situation. You have achieved some things I’m still working my butt off for, ie. Nursing admission. I guess that’s really the only one that I am actually actively pursuing. It’s harder knowing that you’re much younger than I am. Okay, this is beginning to sound like a pity party; I blame it on the bronchitis.

    Basically it’s nice sometimes to hear that other people admire you for the success you have had. You seem from your blog to be a very caring person, and I’m trying to say I admire you, though it may not be coming out so well right now. Okay, I am going to bed, I have class in the morning. Good luck!

  3. Man they didn’t trust us with catheters till 2nd year! Something to do with infection rates apparently.

    WOOHOO! You’re nearly there! Yes ‘the first month is the hardest’ just keep saying it!

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