It’s in our blood

I remember being seven years old when I found out my eldest brother wasn’t really my brother at all.  Not anyway, in the sense, that makes seven year olds world complete.

When I was seven I found out my father had been married before and my brother who was nearly 23 at the time was in fact what biologically could only be explained as half my brother.

My brother E is perhaps the closest thing in my family to sane.  We hold the same political views, the same taste in men and a love for big dogs.

I have known my brother was gay since I was ninteen and before that I had considered it but never much pondered on it.  It wasn’t something that defined him, it just was him. 

Telling my parents was hard for him, the subsequent break in family ties was even harder.  He may not have had the support of our parents but he had the support of his siblings.  The notion that he was not my full sibling went away a long time ago, he is my brother, all of him.

We understand each other more then our other siblings, he is perhaps one of my best friends.  So when he called me, last night, to tell me he approved, I couldn’t have been happier.  How he feels about the people I hold dear in my life is important to me, because out of everyone he is the most honest.

His approval of Jim brings a sense of calm to my world.  I don’t need everyones approval but his means the most to me.

Thanks big brother for being the best big brother


~ by Kim on September 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s in our blood”

  1. Sigh. Family. You know what I mean. Glad you’ve got brother’s support.

  2. You need a psych ward for Purplesque and I in your blog roll … lol

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