I made it to Seattle safe and sound, only fell asleep once at the wheel, it was more like a snooze because once I hit the “idiot tread” or whatever they call it, I veered back and all was well.  Ahem, don’t tell my mother.

It is weird for me to type this but it feels like home here.  Home, I guess, is where ever you want it to be.  Even Rufus the cat seems at home, even through his normally skittish self, he seems to be okay with everything, he wanders around, sleeps next to me and all around does normal things.  He hasn’t exactly played yet, but I assume that is probably because there is no room, things are still left unpacked and messy.

I hate messy houses.  It drives me insane that there is clutter and things that are not put away.  But, anywho I guess I will have to just live with it for awhile.

I have my job interview tomorrow, which I actually think isn’t really a job interview, it’s more like this is what we have, take it or not.  I dunno, I am still nervous, because at this point, I just need a job. 

School starts in a few weeks, which in of itself is a big deal.  I have most of things I need, except for the labcoat which they didn’t specify what length I needed, short or long?  Short? Long?

I think I am going to go with a mid-thigh one, although I have yet to find one I really like and doesn’t make me look like a box.  Suggestions, anyone?

My friend is with me for the week to help me move, but mainly she’s just laid on my bed and watched DVDs, not that I am bitter or anything.

Things are changing, it’s a good change, I happen to believe change can always be good.

More pictures and words to come later.


~ by Kim on September 1, 2008.

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