My child you will be blessed…

When Big Dialysis Clinic turned a year older this year, it was somewhat of a big deal, apparently. 

They gave us things to hang in our lobby, the made our secretary go out and purchase a big cake for the patients and staff (although none of the staff actually ate it).  They gave us pins to wear on our lanyards and they also hung a picture of the founder of our little non-profit in the lobby with a little plaque underneath that gave a little bio.

I would show you an actual picture of the, erm, picture but then I know at least three of you would be positive where I worked and I am only comfortable with one for sure and one sorta maybe.

So this will just have to do:

Everytime I walk from the bathroom back into the treatment floor I have this overwhelming need to bow my head, cross myself and say a little prayer.  I don’t know why, I wasn’t raised Catholic, nor am I Catholic now. 

On more then one occasion I have stopped in front of the picture, turned my head to the side and wondered did his eyes just move, his he following me with his gaze?!

I may have lost my mind.  I also at times have the feeling that the Company is just, ya know, putting up his obit a little early.  Which also brings on the need to cross myself, for a) thinking such bad thoughts and b) because he might actually be dead.  It could be like a lower on the totem scale of that movie Dave

I, however, will be avoiding all eye contact with the picture on the wall, because frankly I have seen the eyes move.

I am in no way mocking the great man who founded BDC, this is just for comic affect and in no way real. One day I will tell you all who I actually work for and you can all research how great it is, until then, don’t stare into the eyes. 

And I only have three more days of employment with BDC, so what can they do, fire me? Hmmm.


~ by Kim on August 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “My child you will be blessed…”

  1. My favorite part has GOT to be the fantastic job you’ve done with MSPaint (or whatever program you used).

    Girl, it’s awe inspiring 🙂

    Whatever you do, do not make eye contact with the picture.

  2. Yes I spent a lot of time with MSPaint, thank goodness they have box shapes or else I would still be drawing it out! 🙂

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