Nurse R

There are very few times in my life where someone has affected me so greatly.

There was my tenth grade English teacher who told me I could do whatever I wanted to do in life, including being a nurse.  She told me I was going to be great and that I was stubborn as hell.

I am stubborn as hell.

Then Nurse R came along, I first met her when she came to our clinic to sort of “rescue” it.  We had a series of less then adequate Clinical managers, one may or may not have been a tad on the crazy side. 

So we had this sort of big staff meeting between all the staff members from little 12 station unit and big 48 station unit.  I was sitting at the table, I was tired, I had just worked twelve hours and I was sure this staff meeting was going to last 2 more hours and this woman with crazy brown hair approaches me, her hands out in an offering.  She hands me her relic of a phone and pleads that I help her find the button to turn it off.

That was the moment I met Nurse R and since that moment I have felt the need to take care of her, in a sort of “she’s my mom” sort of way.  I buy her coffee when we work the floor together, I make sure things are done for her, not because I am a kiss-up but because I care about her.

I joke that she’s my work mama and she jokes I’m her work daughter.

She is one person who has been more like a mother more then my own mother has ever been.  And I am going to miss her, she is one of the reasons why I am having a hard time with this move.  I worry that I won’t have someone to take care of me and I worry that she won’t either. 

I worry a lot, I know this, but for the most part I know both of us are going to be alright, it’s an adventure and maybe one day I will come back to this dialysis clinic and help her again.  But probably not.


~ by Kim on August 23, 2008.

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