The Plan

I am one of those planning types of people.  Everything is categorized and listed in my life, at least that is the way I want it to be.  So I have wanted to make it written record for some time what I have wanted to do with my education, at this point I have only an idea of what kind of nurse I might want to be.

Bachelors of Science in Nursing by 2011

I was told by an FNP to wait about five years before I went for my Nurse Practitioner, so my plan is to get some critical care experience while doing some extra pre-req classes for the Master’s program.  During this time I will also be getting my degree in Medical Anthropology. 

Why Medical Anthropology? Because I really, really want to do some research on diseases in foreign lands and also some actual patient care with infectious diseases on actual patients in foreign countries.  So studying and being all anthropolical about them should help.  I don’t need a Masters degree for this, so, I probably won’t be getting a Master’s degree in Anthro, perhaps just a Bachelors.

I know I need to research this more, which I will, just a bit concerned about the actual Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree at the moment.

I will then apply for my Masters in Nursing, NP style, where I will probably be doing Adult, although there is always the option of peds.

I feel that after this is completed I will probably head back towards Nephrology working under a Doctor’s group. 

This should put me about 11 years in the future, I will be 34.

So, I guess I can say I have the next 11 years planned out, but I am just going to take the first 3 right now.


~ by Kim on August 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Plan”

  1. Hi Kim,

    We are on a similar path. I am starting nursing school (ADN) in September and will then move on to my BS in Anthro then on to graduate school in Med Anthro.

    Its great we’re on the same path. Although I am older than you, I’m already 42 and you’ll be 9 years ahead of me on your schedule! Congrats.


  2. Okay, upon further reading, we’re more alike than I thought. I live in Washington State also (although on the dry, brown side) and I too am moving – although I do have my moving date. 29 August. What am I doing on this computer? LOL

  3. Angela, Ah, we are moving a day a part..I move the 30th…from California to Seattle.

    Maybe I’ll see ya on the road?


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