A sense of calm

It’s weird but just being in Seattle made me calm.  I realized I can do this, I can accomplish this and I am going to make a kick-ass nurse.

So, in case anyone was wondering, I found an apartment.

In case anyone is wondering, I am no longer working at the children’s hospital, due to a few reasons which would only make sense if someone saw my school schedule.  There was also a small matter of the Nurse manager telling me she had problems with staffing and the nurses being basically lazy asses and most of them had only been in dialysis for a year or so.  So, I decided it would be best if I found work elsewhere since, ya know, I do not want to have the most dialysis experience in the entire building.

I did find another job at another private hospital, so I am currently employed. 

(Although it seems I will still have the most dialysis experience in the entire building, damn.)

In more personal news, things are going pretty well between Jim and I, being apart was extremely hard, which was kinda weird since we only really met a month ago.  He is a pretty awesome guy, we aren’t rushing anything but there will be some news pretty soon. 

Which I will keep to myself until further notice.

So, I have 11 more working days until I leave or two and half weeks, which makes things sort of hectic at the Kim house, expect a couple posts in the next few days I am still editing.

I am also still looking for volunteers from dialysis patients or patients families, I already have two wonderful volunteers from a different point of view, so they should expect an email soon!

Also, if anyone knows anything about creating ones own domain should drop me a link…I need help peeps, I am not computer illiterate, just CSS illiterate/


~ by Kim on August 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “A sense of calm”

  1. Glad that your starting to settle into Seattle a bit.

    Good catch on the Nurse manager. She sounds like trouble. I never have seen a job for a CHT advertised. Was it easy to get a job? Are most of the jobs in Hospitals?

    Sorry, I can’t help you with creating your own domain. Don’t know about it.

  2. They are advertized but not usually on job search websites. I just called around and very rarely are they hospital jobs, mostly stand alone clinics, which I work at now, in Cali. But in Seattle, I went after a hospital job, better pay, better hours.

  3. Kim 🙂

    I know loads about creating your own domain… I have a few of my own.

    The CSS stuff I *might* be able to help you with. Email me if you still have questions.

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