Proof that Kim really is a blonde

Kim: So, hmmmm, what’s up with all those George Washington heads on the freeway signs?

Random Stranger: (blinks)

Kim: I mean, they are kinda creepy.

Kim: (blinks)

Kim: Hmmm

RS: The state was named in honor of President Washington.

Kim: (blinks) oh.


Remember my broken foot?  From the car accident?  Yeah, well I still have the soft cast boot on and will for another three weeks.  Turns out, I have no balance, yet another reason why I should never balance on one foot in the shower, cause then you just get a nasty bruise on one’s thigh when you fall over.


~ by Kim on August 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Proof that Kim really is a blonde”

  1. Hmm, so I grew up in Washington, and I think it didn’t register WHY good old George was on our signs and not signs in other states until I was about 24. I prefer not to share that with most people, lest they think I actually don’t deserve my Ivy League degree. But you shared, so I will too.

    I hope you love Seattle–it is a great city.

  2. gaj – I love Seattle, I love the Washington heads, just don’t tell UW I couldn’t figure it out, they will for sure not let me in.

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