Random pictures from a random day in Seattle

I love this house and one day when I am old and wealthy I will own it then move it to a better part of town.

Basically self-explanatory, however my new favorite place ever!

This is very disgusting…I will swab it in my microbiology class because I am sure it is carrying typhod and perhaps a new strain of the Ebola virus.

Gum Wall, Pikes Place, Seattle, Washington.

Holy spices, batman.


~ by Kim on August 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Random pictures from a random day in Seattle”

  1. Cool pictures. Ugh… the gum wall is nasty!

  2. Just one year ago, I spent two weeks in Seattle. Right there at Pike’s Market in fact. Almost have the same photo.

    And what a great city it is!

  3. I liked the gum wall. Looks cool!

    What spices are those? Garlic? What’s the yellow stuff? It looks almost like a Christmas decoration except for the yellow. LOL!

    Thanks for the pics I love learning about other places.

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