Rufus will have to learn to share…

So some of you have picked up on a few things…without going into too many details, the friendship between Jim and myself has grown to the point where a decision had to be made.  Frankly I couldn’t be happier, we had that “talk” where things move to a more official title and I am happy about it.

The timing couldn’t be worse with me off to college in Washington and him the Associate Pastor in California.  He is, however, a native of Walla Walla, Washington which is still a few hours away but still in the same State.  Jim is planning on returning to Washington within the next year, until then we will have to do a long distance thing, it will be hard, but we both agreed there was something to what we had.

That old saying of just knowing seems to be true, there is something oddly familiar about him, as if we were friends before we were born. 

We are however, complete opposites, but our passions seem to be the same.  We both need to work a lot on ourselves and perhaps time apart will make our future more clear.  Part of me loves who he is but is intimidated in his choice of calling.  I was raised in an extremely religious family, my father was an Elder and was rarely around, my mother was absorbed in trying to manage five children.  I don’t want that type of life, we had talked about it, and I explained to him my worries about him being a Pastor and he understood them and said we’d have to work at it.

That was the best answer I could have ever heard.  It was honest.

We shall see where this goes, but for now I am just going to focus on school and trying to build a last relationship with someone.


~ by Kim on August 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Rufus will have to learn to share…”

  1. What wonderful news, it makes moving to Washington harder, but at least you have someone who can help give you a push up when you’re feeling down… and that helps.

  2. Zankin – thanks for your response, it does make it hard but you are right about having a pusher when things are down!

  3. Long Distance things can be so difficult.

    But at the same time… The end result when things go well… Well, it’s wonderful.

    You and I should really talk 🙂

  4. Mrs. Kim Pastor Jim…Kim, Jim…That’s to cute!

    I’m glad that you found someone special.

    Rufus, you be good now!

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