Another post about her stupid cat

Kim: Hi, yes, this is Rufus’ mommy.

Lady at Vet office: Oh yes, Rufus (said in a wary manner)

Kim: Yes, I am moving to Washington so I was wondering if I could get some medication for him for the ride up?

LAVO: Oh so you’re leaving the area? (perking up)

Kim: Yes….

LAVO: And Rufus is going with you?

Kim: Yes…

LAVO: Hold on…the doctor wants to see him to weigh him and such the last time he was here was when the incident took place, I am sure he has aged since then.

Kim: Yes, he is much bigger…

LAVO: Right, we are also going to ask that you pick up your pre-appointment tranquilizers for Rufus before you bring him in, give it to him about an hour before hand.

Kim: But all I need are the tranquilizers…

LAVO: Yes but the staff have asked that he be sedated before he is brought back, he put up quite a fight last time.

Kim: Well, yes, but he was newly adopted from being feral.

LAVO: Well, the one tech still has a scar from when he attacked her.

Kim: I wouldn’t call it an attack…

LAVO: Hmmm…well the meds will be ready by six and oh yes please bring a large beach towel to wrap him up in.

Kim: Okay, but…

LAVO: Shall we do a declaw too…?


~ by Kim on August 6, 2008.

One Response to “Another post about her stupid cat”

  1. That’s funny, he really left an impression.

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