Some things you just can’t get over.

Jim: Um…your cat is staring at me…

Kim: Um, yeah, he does that.

Jim: Your cat is kinda weird.

Kim: He had a bad experience once.

Jim: When does he stop staring?

Kim: When you leave.

Jim: He’s starting to freak me out, really, he hasn’t blinked once, he, he just stares!

Kim: Stop looking at him.

Jim: I can’t stop looking away, he’s mind-melded me.


Sometimes it’s nice to find another nerd just like you, a nerd who knows what mind-meld is and can use it in regular conversation. 


~ by Kim on August 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Some things you just can’t get over.”

  1. Good cat! At least it’s only a cat staring, I had a friend once who had the habit, and that destroys friendships.

  2. Maybe you should nickname the cat Mr. Spock. Because Spock could do a mean mind-meld! Is Jim your guy? Lucky!

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