Happy Birthday Dude!


Today you turned two.  I remember the first time I held you, you were a screaming little dude that was extremely pissed off at the world.  You were about two hours old and you already made your self known to this world.

I’m sorry the nickname we gave you stuck, but you really did look like you got hit in the face with a Skillet the day you were born, and those ears have never quite shrunk, but you are still a handsome devil.

I loved you from the second you opened that mouth, I still love you when we can’t get you to shut the hell up.  I love that every time you see me you scream “Lady!!” all excited like.  I find it a bit odd that you refer to everyone as either Lady or Dude regardless of gender except for of course me and your father, my brother.  I love that you basically are a handful and have not stopped running since you started to walk.  

I love you bud, I will miss you when I move but always remember you can come visit.  I am the cool aunt that will basically buy you anything you want.


Aunty Kim


~ by Kim on August 4, 2008.

One Response to “Skillet”

  1. Awww! He is cute. But now that I work with little kids, I can imagine that he is a ball of energy!

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