We’re like a gang with bloodtubing and fistula needles

I had to take the damn boot off, then proceeded to get chewed out by my boss when I arrived at the hospital.  I was hobbling barefoot with just the ace bandage wrapped around it and the boot in my hand.  I glowered at her and mumbled something about not being able to drive with the damn boot.

My co-worker who was involved in the accident had also in the process ruptured his spleen and his lacerated liver was leaking blood, so off to the OR he went.  I found out via text message and when I arrived the waiting room was filled with techs from both the 48 station unit and the 12 station unit, we had a massive text messaging tree that brought us all together to support one another. 

There is something pretty special about the bond that healthcare workers have.  We sat around talking to one another, I am sad that I will no longer be working with this tight group of people, moving to another State is going to be hard, but leaving these people will be harder.

Everyone wanted to know what happened, a few burlier techs wanted the dudes name who hit us, who incidently, was hurt fairly bad too, I didn’t know that until today.  He also doesn’t have insurance, a driver’s license or a legal resident of the United States, this however is besides the point, he is also in the ICU, so the notion of beating the crap out of him was quieted down when they heard this.  Let’s hope they both make it out of this with a speedy recovery.

The crash was in fact pretty gnarly.  I guess I didn’t realize it when it happened, I made it out almost unscathed, true I have a broken foot, I have a slight concussion and some hair missing from the side of my head where they shaved it off to stitch me up.  Thank god a caring nurse decided to make it so I could cover said landing strip with another layer of hair.  I like hair, can’t go with a buzz cut.  But my co-worker and the other driver are pretty messed up, so all in all I am pretty thankful.  One thing I can say is I will never not wear a seatbelt, the ED docs and nurses all agreed that’s what saved my hide, I have the outline of the seatbelt imprinted across my chest but I can live with that.

In case anyone was worried (although I doubt it) I will still be attending nursing school.  It doesn’t start till the end of September and the boot should only be on for four to six weeks, so I will be cutting it close, but still be able to attend.

I also will be working, yes, we are that short staffed, I can work with the boot as long as my toes are covered.  Driving is an entirely different matter which they have yet to come up with a solution for but I suspect I will be acquiring myself a manservant.

And I shall name him James and he shall bring me Peach Snapples and strawberries. 

P.S. before I left the hospital, I went down to the ED and thanked the nursing staff and docs for taking care of me, and I brought them store bought cookies that one of my co-workers had brought for us.  Aren’t I thoughtful?


~ by Kim on July 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “We’re like a gang with bloodtubing and fistula needles”

  1. You ARE thoughtful! That was awfully nice of you, and I do hope the other two recover quickly. I am so glad you’re okay, though.

  2. Thanks Medic61!!

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