Church Vibrations?

Being raised a Jehovah’s Witness and eventually leaving the faith due to several reasons which hardly matter, there was a certain amount of order to how one goes to a church meeting. 

They actually don’t call it church, but for sake of everyone else, I’m referring to it as church.

There was order, there was a sense of respect, which I don’t mean to refer that other churchs don’t have respect, I just mean there was a sort of dress code.  Suit and tie skirt and blouse.  We had bibles and songbooks and always had another form of study material. 

I was invited to go to church with Nurse R, who as you have probably gathered is more then just a middle manager to me, she is what I refer to as “Work mama”.  She asked me to go and even offered to pick me up since I can’t drive (I broke a bone in my right foot, my drivin’ foot, so you know can’t drive).  She picked me up with her live-in boyfriend and her teenage son.  We looked like a big ole happy family, which was kind of nice.

Her church is slightly different then what mine was.  They had a band that plays really loud rock christian music.  You don’t have to bring a bible because they display the scripture on a big screen.  You wear jeans and t-shirts and drink coffee while you listen to the service.

It was all very weird for me.  But I liked it and I made a new friend, the assistant pastor whose about twenty-five and single, he didn’t seem to mind the fact I had a very visible foot tattoo or that I was in a really ugly walking cast.  He didn’t even mind when I showed him my bible I got from my old church, Nurse R knows him pretty well and was basically grinning the entire time we chatted.

He’s nice, his name is Jim, I don’t want to hear the references to Kim and Jim okay, I know.  Anyway, he invited me to another service tomorrow morning, which is just a rerun of today’s.  I pointed to my leg which makes driving difficult and also getting down my second story apartment outside stairs. 

So with the help of Nurse R we agreed to meet for lunch afterwards.

I don’t know what this means, but I am going with it.  With me moving in a month, I really don’t need a relationship just a friendship with a Assistant Pastor.  Hmmm


~ by Kim on July 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Church Vibrations?”

  1. It’d be nice to find a new spiritual home, and I don’t doubt anyone’s motives specifically, your past could pique interest in a way that’s more about them than you. Don’t confuse temporary interest in talking to you about your past/beliefs, etc. as being the same as interest in talking to you about YOU.

    Just keep your eyes/ears open to red flags, trust your instincts, but not to the point where you don’t have fun and are willing to continue to try new things.

    P.S. I prefer a more “formal” setting to actual services myself. Coat/tie not required per se, but an actual worship service (not a study group) should at least be treated with a SLIGHT more respect than what you wear to go get milk from the grocery store. That’s just me.

  2. Interesting…

    It sounds like you two got set up!

    I hope you like the new church. I hope you find God there.

    Oh… and the new X Files came out! I went and saw it with a first date. It was a little creepy.

  3. I saw the new X-files too, it was creepy but I liked it.

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