I blame it on Al Gore

Today was probably not one of my better days.

I got involved in a fairly bad car accident this morning around 230 am.  I was in the car with a co-worker, we were going to work (I swear) early for some disinfecting and such.  We were stopped at a red light that was taking forever to change and I was turned towards him gabbing about it being so early and I SO TIRED AND WAH when we were hit from behind at what I would assume being around 50 miles per hour. 

I was wearing a seat belt, he wasn’t.  The car was pushed into the intersection and glass was basically everywhere.  Somewhere inbetween screaming and hearing glass crunch and metal twisting, someone witnessed this and called 911 because I didn’t and neither did my co-worker and the person driving the car that hit us didn’t speak English.

Paramedics arrived in record time along with the fire department and police.  Let me just say a big thanks to all the EMS personnel out there, damn you guys are good.  I was collared, put on a board and shipped off the local trauma center in a descent amount of time.  My partner was in far worse shape then I and for the most part all I needed was three stitches for a head lac that looked more dramatic than it really was and for a broken bone in my foot which I don’t remember getting.

The paramedics were awesome and even grabbed my purse before they took off towards the hospital.  They called my mom and calmed her down enough so she could talk to me and basically made a hectic, crazy experience a little better.

The hospital experience was a little different, it’s weird being on the other side.  They cut off my scrubs and my name tag which was on a lanyard.  My head wound I think made them nervous, since I was kinda freaking out because I couldn’t see very good. 

By the time they cleared my spine and made sure I didn’t have a head bleed for any other trauma which I knew I didn’t have, my boss arrived and was frantically making calls trying to find two techs to replace us who were obviously unable to attend work today.  She was standing in my little area talking really loud, my mother arrived about the same time and was about ready to bitch slap her. 

It was quite the scene.

My co-worker didn’t fair to well, he had a liver laceration, a broken nose, three cracked ribs and will be in the ICU until they figure his liver won’t bleed out on them.  All in all we are pretty lucky.  His brand new Acura MDX is totalled, his sub-woofer or whatever that was in the trunk is now nestled quite nicely where they middle console was.  My cell phone somehow got lost in the wreckage and I still haven’t gotten it back although I know the police have it.

All in all fifteen stitches were sewed into different areas of my body, I have a walking cast on my right foot and am a little worse for wear.  I hurt and I was sent home with one of those collars, but I took it off because they are just not comfortable, I have whiplash but who doesn’t after a car accident.

I feel fairly lucky, beat up but lucky.  Perhaps I will post a picture, or perhaps I’ll just leave it, I dunno yet still kinda shellshocked about the whole thing.


~ by Kim on July 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “I blame it on Al Gore”

  1. Good LORD woman!!!

    Between you and Ambulance Driver ya’ll are giving me grey hairs.

    I’m so glad you’re okay. Your coworker will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks…I appreciate it.

  3. WOW; what a way to kick off the weekend!

    Glad to hear you’re OK, and I hope the driver is as well.

    What happened to the non-English speaking driver that caused this mess?

  4. Good God, woman! Be careful out there 😦
    So glad you were okay, but I’ll be thinking about your coworker for sure.

  5. The guy who hit us is okay, he had no insurance, which really sucks and no license which is an entirely different matter. So who knows what happens from here

  6. Wow! I am glad you are okay! Liver lacs aren’t nice. I hope he recovers. Heal up and get back to work soon! Then, in a month you’ll start getting the health care bills that your insurance decided not to pay for you. And pop them Lortabs while you have ’em!

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