County fair 2008…

Or Kim’s public embarrassment 2008.

The county fair is in town and I decided to spend 25 dollars per adult ticket and go with some friends for some fun.  We stopped at a  certain fast food restaurant whose mascot is a giant head one could put on their antenna.  I grabbed one of those vanilla milkshakes and some fries. 

Turns out the milkshake was bad and I realized it right away but figured I could just overcome it, you know by shear will.

So we rode some rides while I felt, um, a little shady.

Now, my favorite ride is the Gravitron, so we decided to hit up the gravitron, it’s probably smaller then the one in the picture but it does the same thing.  I downed a bottle of water, thinking this would help and jumped in and plastered myself up against the wall.

I am sure you all know what happened next.  I puked and because of the super fast speeds of the Gravitron, my puke flew right back into my face and to the poor little ten year old kid plastered next to me.

I am fairly positive the kid will never ride the Gravitron again and the whole being driven home by a friends boyfriend and crawling up my wooden steps while dry heaving really boosted my attractiveness.


~ by Kim on July 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “County fair 2008…”

  1. Holy crap woman.

    That thing would make me hurl without the help of a bad milkshake.

  2. That’s just as bad as when I puked on the long blond hair of one of our college homecoming queen candidates (that one didn’t involve a milkshake, but did involve alcohol).

  3. Hahahaha! Of course that made you more attractive! No man can resist a puking lady! Rwarrr!

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