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On Sunday I was invited to a training day for dialysis technicians given by the ESRD Network 17 (Northern California and Hawaii’s network).

We were given some informative info that I would like to pass on, in case anyone was interested.  Of course, I would recommend that anyone contact their own ESRD network for more information if they so wanted. 

The annual death rate for new CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients in the country is at 23%.

The first leading cause of death in a CKD patient is cardiovascular.  The second leading cause is infection,  57% percent is due to vascular infections (caths, grafts), 23% is wound, 15% is pulmonary and 5% is urinary tract infections.

Catheter infections have the rate of 1-2 blood stream (sepsis) infections per patient per year, another good reason to get a vascular access placed.

(Information and statistics was provided by Dr. Priti Patel, MD of the Centers of Disease Control, Atlanta, GA.)


~ by Kim on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “What’s new…”

  1. Good info. Kim, it looks like you’ve made some changes on your blog. I hope you had fun!

  2. Thanks Cloaked…it was fun.

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