As The Pump Turns….

….what kind of craziness is this?

So someone once asked me…okay, no one actually asked me, but I assume someone must have wondered at one point or another why I named my blog what I did.

“As the pump turns” actually came from a conversation I had at work with Texting Nurse and a few techs.  My clinic has the nurses station in the exact middle of the unit, the dialysis machines and chairs skirt around the edge, hugging the wall.  When things have slowed down, all the patients are on and we have a few minutes to breathe we usually gather in a semi circle and gossip talk. 

As almost anyone in dialysis knows the patients have to do but watch TV or watch US.  That seems to be the case most of the time.  It’s like a fish bowl and the workers are the fish.   You’ll catch one in the corner of your eye, a patient with a grin after you said something you thought was a whisper.  Busted. 

We are basically the patients daily soap.  I swear we could do an hour dramedy on dialysis, the things that occur in the dialysis clinic are classic and priceless. 

It’s like As The World Turns only with more blood.


~ by Kim on July 13, 2008.

One Response to “As The Pump Turns….”

  1. You could have called it, “When Hippa Attacks!” LOL! At least you give the patients a good time!

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