I just don’t understand…

Author’s note:I love my dialysis patients, I really do.  I couldn’t do what you do every other day.  I’d be a whiny baby, really I would.  But there are somethings I don’t understand, so you know, if you are a patient and reading this, so don’t take it personally.  Mmkay?

I really don’t understand some things.  I understand that you have every right to refuse some part of your treatment, I will give you that.  But refusing a graft or fistula because and I quote, “it might hurt”, makes me a tad irritated.  These aren’t extremely old, frail people who would suffer or perhaps die from the effects of surgery.  These are people in their mid-thirties and forties. 

There are lots of things in this world that “might” hurt.  But tell me how bad it hurts when your CVC catheter is infected or because you’ve had so many catheters placed in your chest the only other place is in your femoral vein…yeah sexy, thigh cath.

Yes the surgery will produce a little pain, and the needles may or may not bother you (we have lidocain).  But in the long run you’ll feel better and be happier and shower without having to change the bandage!

Shower!  People, you can shower!  Or swim…or, have your cat lick your chest to its ultimate pleasure, all things that you can do with a fistula or graft.  So if not for your health, do it for your cat people.

Oh and by the way, “special brownies” not an appropriate food gift for dialysis staff.  Thanks.


~ by Kim on July 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “I just don’t understand…”

  1. You know what blows my mind?

    The fact that the kids I transport who are in just as much pain as most of the adults… Don’t complain about it nearly as much.

    And I love your dialysis patients too… I’m just saying.

  2. I’ve met some tough little dialysis patients, I mean really they are strong. Adults not so much.

  3. Hmmm… that is hard to believe that after going through all the crap that comes with fried kidneys, that someone would not want that surgery. I can tell you that having and maintaining a CVC is hell. Especially if you are a hairy, sweaty beast such as me!

    Hahahahaha! It sounds like there is a fun story about some weed brownies! Watch it though–we have to pee for nursing school!

  4. Oh no, my wild and crazy days are over with that weed stuff. Did it once and never tried it again!

  5. I’m all for patients being allowed to have a say in their care. So, in the spirit of freedom of choice (and having gone through dialysis AND as a RN who has seen PLENTY of central line infections over the past 19+ years, I propose that patients who are about to do dialysis be given 2 choices – a fistula for hemodialysis or a catheter for peritoneal dialysis.

    If a fistula is not feasable, then they can be given the option of a graft, and only if these 2 are not possible, should they be given the last resort option of a central line catheter.

  6. Jeff I agree wholeheartedly!

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