Freaking out…

Normally I am a very calm, rational person, not much really irks me or gets me too riled up.

But I am having one those days…

I am freaking out because I am moving to Seattle in 53 days…Fifty-three days.  Like it’s official.  Put in my 53 days notice, my last day of work is August 28th, my landlord knows I am leaving my apartment.  AHHHH.

But I don’t have a job, I don’t have an apartment.  I have nowhere to live and no job.  The one place I want to work (I check there website for job openings everyday, it’s a sickness), only has one position open for a part-time tech…

So are there like tons and tons of Dialysis Technicians moving to Seattle?  Or am I just, you know, bad luck?

My other question…do I live in Seattle and live a very pedestrian lifetsyle (the thought scares me, I love my car and basically live in) or do I live in the outskirts and save money on rent but spend it on gas?

Okay enough of that silliness.  In other news, the ex-ex boyfriend came from Humboldt county to visit.  He was a paramedic with the local Paramedic Ambulance but went up to Humboldt State to get his nursing degree. 

We’ve been talking and seems we both have kind of grown up since our last little debacle.  I promised myself I would never date him or anyone else in the “business” again.  So, it’s nice just to have my friend back.

(He’s the blonde boy, I am the blonde girl)


~ by Kim on July 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Freaking out…”

  1. This is all I’m going to say.

    I moved to Colorado with 300 bucks in my pocket, no car, hell, no drivers license, and only the verbal agreement from some stranger I’ve never met to rent me an apartment.

    Oh yeah, and no job.

    I’d say you’re a few steps ahead of me.

  2. Um yeah I think I am…but look where you are now!!!

  3. You can do it! Awww… you guys were cute kids!

  4. Seattle’s a tough place to be a pedestrian because of all the hills. There’s a decent bus system though, especially near downtown; but the big savings is, BIKE! Seattle is quite bike-friendly, there are bike lanes on lots of the major roads, there’s a huge bike community for suggestions and short-cuts and maintenance, and bike racks and lockers are common. Some buses even have bike racks on.

    Rent there sucks, traffic sucks worse and parking fees will destroy you. You have to live wayyy on the outskirts, like an hour away, for rent to go way down. Good luck.

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