Calling all Student Nurses….

I have a question, what was your student nurse uniform?

Mine is a purple scrub top and white scrub pants with white shoes.  Seems a bit different then what I have seen.

Wounded Healer my fellow nursing student across the Bay is wearing all white. 

So what was your school nurse uniform?


~ by Kim on July 6, 2008.

8 Responses to “Calling all Student Nurses….”

  1. About 15 years ago when I studied to be an LPN. I had to wear a dress, and stupid cap. I forgot what color it was. I think it was an orange cream color. I recently saw some RN students at my job without caps. Up to a few years ago they still had to wear them. Can you believe it?

  2. Yep no more caps!!

    That makes me kind of happy because I am not so sure I could keep it on.

  3. We wore a white polo with the school logo emblazoned on it, navy blue pants, and all-white shoes. The program is switching this fall to navy scrubs all around.

    Ditto the caps – I wonder how they would look on a guy/how a guy would keep them on?

  4. Ours are blue scrub pants, white sneakers/shoes, and a white zippered top with a collar and patch on the arm with navy blue trim. I could do without the zippers–those tops cost us almost $50 a piece and they could accomplish the same thing with plain white tops with the patch on the arm.

  5. My nursing uniform was starched white collared button-down shirt with starched white pants with a crease down the middle, and either uncomfortable black shiny class-A shoes, or very specific all white shoes. and we had to wear gold rank on our collar’s and a black name tag.

    Then again, it was the Army.

  6. We have white tunics and navy trousers. The caps were dropped years ago now. Our shoes HAVE to be Black or White without logos or ‘flashing lights’. (How old are we? 5?)
    The tunics have the college name embroidered on them and we have our lovely ID badges.
    Thank god I missed the dresses. So would not have signed up for that.

  7. White pants. Any colored shoes. And the ugly ceil blue tops. I can’t get over how much we all look like dentists! I HATE that nasty ceil blue!

  8. hey thanks guys for all your responses!

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