Kim Goes to Washington….

Or a California State Representative comes to Kim and the dialysis clinic in which I work.

I would tell you who SHE was, but then it might give away a few details about my life that I would rather keep to myself. 

So, basically, call I can say is that we had a congresswoman come and visit us at our urging.  Due to several cut-backs with MediCal dialysis clinics all around California are going to be hurting big time, especially those that are non-profit (i.e. us). 

Funding that may get cut are the simple, insiginicant things like transporting the dialysis patients to dialysis.  You know, the life saving proceedure.  Also things like social services, you know, housing, medications and other needs that come up when patients dialysis.

We are non-profit so basically, every penny we make, which believe me isn’t much, gets turned right back into the company for patients.  So we need to rely on certain Government handouts, so when it get cut, the patients suffer because we as a healthcare provider has to find a way to cut-back.  They will still dialyze, we will still find a way for them to get to dialysis, it just will take some uh manipulating.

So long story short, we put a call out to all of the local State Reps and we got a few acceptances.  Some sent their aides but this one came, herself, along with an aid.

It was my job along with Nurse R to give them the grade tour and answer any questions.  The Congresswoman was incredibly curious, and asked so many questions that our regional clinical manager had to get back to her with specifics.  And she’s coming back, sometime this month, with more aides. 

I like her and apparently I made somewhat of an impression.  She asked me questions as we sat down to talk specifics about how a dialysis clinic is ran, I told her I was going to nursing school and where.  She promised a letter of recommendation from her to whereever I so choosed. 

I think it was because of the shoes

(Steve Madden, People, Steve Madden, behold the GLORY of Steve MADDEN)

But maybe it’s because I told her I wanted to do public health nursing and how I volunteered for Hurricane Katrina.  Congresspeople like it when you do free stuff for the Government.




~ by Kim on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kim Goes to Washington….”

  1. Well, I am sorry that they are doing that to the patients! That sucks. Hopefully the congesswoman DOES something about it! Cute shoes!

  2. Wow, it’s sad that they are cutting funding like that.

    If she is going to give you a letter of recommendation then she really was impressed. Great job!

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