Today marks my hundreth post, that is some sort of accomplishment right? 

Remember in kindgarten when you had 100s day?  I believe it was on the 100th day of the year and you had to bring in a 100 somethings, I brought it 100 sea shells my mom had collected over the years. 

I could tell you a 100 things about myself, but I already have.

I could tell you a 100 reasons why I want to be a nurse but someone might just give me a 100 reasons not to be.

I could go through my last 100 posts and bring out the highlights but I really don’t see any of those either.

So, instead, I am going to tell you about some really great posts I have read the past few days, because I think every celebration should have others involved.

Epi over at Pink, Warm and Dry has a great post entitled “They Don’t Want to Know…” this is probably the best post I have read in a long time.  It puts into words what every healthcare worker feels, probably even more so with those in EMS.

ERNursey was the first Nurse blogger I started reading regularly, she inspired me to start this blog and the best thing is she didn’t even know it.  She’s leaving us and it’s bittersweet, so enjoy her past reads.

Kim over at Emergiblog has a great post up about empathy, something that all of us need to muster up sometimes.  I hope as I enter this field of nursing I can lose some of my bitterness and try to show it, because sometimes it just isn’t drug seeking (and sometimes it is).

Tis all folks, hope you have enjoyed some of my posts as I have enjoyed yours!


~ by Kim on June 30, 2008.

One Response to “100”

  1. Happy 100th Birthday!

    May you have many more. ;o) I certainly have enjoyed your blog & as your Governor says – “I’ll be back!”

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