So, I am giving away my dog to this friend of the family and I told my other friend who has my dog’s older brother and sister. 

I felt is was the best for the pup because I would be working and going to school full time leaving little or no time for the dog.

I didn’t tell the breeder because I felt it wasn’t necessary, the dog was going to a loving family and not anywhere else, not a shelter or anything like that.  From me to another loving home.  No big deal right?

Well apparently I was wrong.

Got a call from the breeder who threatened to send her daughter who is a cop to my house to pick up the dog, because giving it to a loving home just isn’t good enough, no, we have to make it some big thing.

I was threatened to be sued, threatened to be followed throughout the country, threatened to sue to people who I was going to give the dog away to.

So I dropped the dog off.

And I am sad and mad and going to cry the next of the weekend away.  I didn’t want it to be such a drama, I just wanted the dog to go to a loving home who would be with her everyday.

So sue me for being a responsible pet owned.


~ by Kim on June 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Drama”

  1. Some of these breeders need to get a life. While it’s good that they are still concerned about the dogs that they sell, once you buy the dog, it’s yours, and it’s none of their (expletive) business WHAT you do with the dog.

    My SIL bought a Rottweiler, and the breeder EXPECTS to see him at least once a year. The last time she took him there, the breeder TOLD my SIL that the dog was 4 lbs overweight, and she needed to put him on a diet.

    I’ve owned purebred dogs for years, and have come to the conclusion that the SPCA is the best place to get a dog.

  2. Oh I will for sure be buying my next dog (in at least five years) from the pound

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