Oh California, we thought a quake would do you in

No, we were wrong, apparently California pissed off the fire gods because we have over a 1000 fires raging in counties about thirty miles away from my own.

The above picture was taken from my balcony at 1pm today, so that haze most people associate with the morning fog or whatever isn’t, it’s smoke.

Air quality is coming up as “very unhealthy” and I talked with my Uncle who is a doc at a local hospital and he’s reporting a huge increase in respiratory admits.

My newly washed Jeep (I know, I know, I am killing the environment with my gas guzzling SUV) is covered in ash and basically the entire surrounding area smells like a campfire, which strangely makes me want to go camping.  Go figure.

I don’t want to say I have a feeling but our last major earthquake was in October ’89, I was four years old and ironically my parents, siblings and I were sitting around the table praying before dinner time when it hit.  My mother kicked me from across the table and gave me the “eye” because she thought I was shaking the table.

I will never let her live that down. Ever.

All I am saying is, it’s been 19 years, California, is all this fire a prelude?

I’m just sayin’.


Do you see how adorable I am? Okay besides the slightly whorish makeup, totally adorable.




~ by Kim on June 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Oh California, we thought a quake would do you in”

  1. Did you take the first picture? I’d like to see a pic of your Jeep with ash on it. How odd. So your the one who started the earthquake of ‘89! Your wearing make up at age 4?

  2. No makeup at age four, my older sister put it on as a joke then took my picture, my mother wouldn’t let me wear it until I was fifteen.

  3. Screw the environment! What about your wallet? Will you still like your Jeep when gas is $12 a gallon?

    Sorry about the fires–that really sucks. Southern Cali always has them… I think it has to do with the overgrown forrests that have resulted since “Smokey the Bear” started scaring us about fires in the ’30s, but little did Smokey know that over-efficiently putting out forrest fires for decades leads to mega fires later that are uncontrollable and way more damaging. Damn the bear! At least I saw that theory on a show once and have never taken Forrestry 101.

    You were a very cute little girl. I don’t think the makeup is whorish.

    Huh. I remember that quake. I was 8 or 9, just sitting down to watch the first game of the World Series that year with my Dad. We were safely in Omaha, NE, and all of a sudden the camera at Candlestick park shook and cut out. If I remember correctly the screen was green. We had no idea about the quake, but wanted our baseball. You’re telling me you guys weren’t watching the World Series?!

    But never fear… I still think California will be going for a little swim in the Pacific as soon as that stooopid San Andreas fault line splits off! Why is life so danged hazzardous?

  4. I will always love my Jeep, even when gas is twelve dollars a gallon, I probably won’t drive it, but I am totally going to still love it.

    No we weren’t watching the world series, we were praying, lol.

    And I live on the San Andreas fault, good thing I am moving.

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