Sometimes all it takes is a little kindness to bring out some beautiful smiles.

Over 300 staff members and patients from [removed for anonymity] came out to enjoy one of the most perfect Northern California days, we had a barbecue, music, some great prizes and games to keep everyone occupied.

Everyone got to meet each other’s families, to socialize beyond the bedside and to find more in common with one another then just their disease. Patients got to see the staff as more then just the people who stick them with needles three times a week. They meet our families, our dogs, and one patient even commented that she didn’t recognize us out of our “whites and face shields”.

The music kept the mood lively and light as people ate dialysis friendly foods and some even participated in a few turns around the dance floor and a conga line to top it all off.

Many of the staff and patients volunteered their time and money to make this a success, we hope that we can spend the next 35 years bringing smiles to our patients faces, because in the end we are more then just their health care providers we are a part of a much larger family.

-(Removed), CHT

(A note from Kim: this very article will be appearing in the corporate newsletter, all pictures have informed consent of those involved, names and locations have been removed to protect the innocent.  The article was written by me and shall only be reproduced with prior consent.)


~ by Kim on June 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sometimes…”

  1. That is really cool! I wish more healthcare places partied with their patients!

  2. Yep it went over well everyone loved it!

  3. I really wish more facilities did this…

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