Where your Tax dollars go.

So we had this patient that was from, um, Mexico, he had been in the States for awhile and had been dialyzing with us for some years.

He also has been visiting  a border town in New Mexico recently and he transfered there a few weeks ago.

He now lives in Mexico and walks across the border to receive free medicare paid dialysis in the United States, whereas in Mexico he would have to pay per treatment.

Folks, that is where our tax dollars are going.

I wouldn’t care if he lived in the US, that is what we pay taxes for, to help the people in the US of A, but he doesn’t, he lives in Mexico.

It’s called Medicare fraud peeps and I just paid for a treatment in a half with all the tax dollars that were just taken from my paycheck.




~ by Kim on June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where your Tax dollars go.”

  1. DId ya have to tell us this? Ignorance is bliss, and my BP just shot up.

    Seriously, this is disgusting. Not that I want to see anyone refused care, but jeez, we have enough LEGAL citizens here that need care. We don’t have the resources to be health care provider to the rest of the world.

  2. Exactly and sorry about your BP. 🙂

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