How you weirdos found my blog…

I love when bloggers do this, so I am gunna do it…all are true and factual:

i don’t want to nurse just pump

i’m irish and can’t tan
I feel your pain, literally, I am lobster red.

study exam for bonet dialysis exam
Hello future CHT…get out while you can…

bullet holes in windows
Ahh yes what happens when you work at podunk dialysis clinic.

pain at the pumps country song
Oh I am so going to write one now.

flashlight in your pocket movie
…or are you just happy to see me, hmmm?

 wtf teamwork

dialysis & dry weight – how much water t
I’m sorry, what was the question…yeah the answer is probably you shouldn’t be five kilos over every treatment…mmmkay?




~ by Kim on June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “How you weirdos found my blog…”

  1. I am sorry to say that the lactation fetishist probably didn’t find what she was looking for on your blog. Because I’ve been reading you for a while and haven’t noticed any posts about the boobies.

    And what an unfortunate set of initials! The Washington Tree Foundation might want to redo their initials. Otherwise it looks like somebody was searching “What the $%#& Teamwork!”

  2. Hmmm yeah, funny how everything is now “text speak” it kind of drives me nuts when someone abbreviates everything, I spend more time wondering what the heck they said then actually responding.

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