Third Shift

Okay children it’s story time.

Huddle around, yes, let’s all sit indian style, I have a story to tell you.  Names, places and events have been altered to protect the guilty.

A patient comes in, altered mental state, knows where he is at, but unable to do his normal routine.  Stands in the middle of the clinic and doesn’t move, even at the prompting of the nurse and two techs.  We notice right sided facial “dropiness” but can articulate after a few moments of confusion.

Patient becomes angered, but returns to his dialysis chair.

Treatment intiated without a problem, patient was fast asleep by the time the clock was started.

An hour or so into treatment, he started convulsing, respirations shallow, about 6 a minute.  Unresponsive to sternal rub.

911 intiated while blood is being returned.  AED pads on, *no shock advised* 

Still unresponsive.

By the time the paramedics arrive his breathing is better, he has stopped convulsing and on his left side, puke pooling at my feet.

Normal sinus rhythm per paramedics. 

Transported to local ER.

What was wrong with him?

Patient has known drug problems.  After a day trip to Vegas (only two hours away via airplane from local county airport) he returns to his high as a flippin kite.


Okay, moral of the story my dear dialysis patients.  What you decide to do on your own time, is your business.  If you choose to self-medicate with illegal recreational drugs I am not here to stop you.  I do not work at a rehab facility.

But I will explain to you what happens when you dialyze with that stuff on board.

We dialyze the toxins out of you, when you have kidney failure and liver failure on top of it, you have added toxins your body cannot get rid of.

Drugs are filtered through your kidneys and liver.  When you snort cocain and drink lots and lots of beer and you come to dialysis, you are going to detox in about an hour.  And I guarantee at best you will feel really really bad and at worse you will have a seizure with possible cardiac and respiratory distress.

And plus it really stresses us all out, okay.



~ by Kim on June 13, 2008.

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