Meme! Meme! Meme!

I have been tagged by hot stuff Neumed for a meme!  My first meme, I was a virgin memer?  Hmmm…anyway, he tagged me to play along with, not one, but two memes! Phew, all in one night too.

Okay so the rules are (I think) that I have to  write a six word memoir and list seven songs you have listened to this week, or ones you like.

So six word meme:



Seven songs I like:

“It’s a great day to be alive” By Travis Tritt, only because my cousins and I leave this on each other’s voicemails to let us know we are thinking of them.  No I do not like country music.  Just this song.

“Rinse Back” in the tune of “Smack that” by Akon, which was written by the adorable Nate, a tech I work with…it goes something like “Rinse back out on the floor…rinse back, give me some more, rinse back…”

“Gansta Paradise” by Coolio because I am a young white girl in the middle of the wine country and you just don’t know what I have suffered. Ha.

“Bleeding Love” by that girl from British American Idol whose name I cannot remember…I normally hate American Idol, but I like that song.

“Billy Jean” by Michael Jackson, because you know, it’s a classic.

“Girls just want to have fun” by Cindy Lauper, because I love that song, okay, lay off peeps.

“Collie Man” by Slightly Stoopid, awesome song.

And I tag…

Epi and anyone else who wants to do it!


~ by Kim on June 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Meme! Meme! Meme!”

  1. Is that you Kim? CUTE!

  2. Yes it’s me, the only picture ever to be reproduced on this blog.

  3. You sound as musically diverse as I am! People laugh at me for one minute listening to country, another rock and another rap. Diversity is great!

  4. Leona Lewis! I love that song too!

  5. Lauren – I love that song too!!!

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