Books, books, books

So just so you know, I am so not being paid for this.  But I am going to recommend a book:

It’s called “Stiff: The curious life of human cadavers”, and you can buy it here.  It is deliciously morbid, fast paced read that had me mesmerized, I never really knew what happened to a body after it was donated to science, other then your Anatomy class uses.

It’s a good book and funny to boot.

So go read it, peeps!



~ by Kim on June 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Books, books, books”

  1. Wow! Your blog changed! Cool. Can I please see a picture of you? I need to know what you look like when I read. I think that book would scare me a little bit!

  2. I’ve poked at a few stiffs…though I wasn’t all that thrilled about it! I have to admit it was good training!

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