Say what?!

We had a patient SIXTEEN months ago stop dialysis because of a diagnosis that would ultimately end her life quickly.

It was her decision to stop and we all respected it, she was a sweet old lady who never complained and always tried to smile and thank us.

She died last week, sixteen months without dialysis or any renal replacement.

It kind of makes me wonder why she was on dialysis to begin with, hmmm?



~ by Kim on June 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Say what?!”

  1. That’s very strange! It makes you wonder.

  2. As a nurse, I’m sure you are fully aware that NO ONE can accurately predict when someone will die, even when they have a “terminal” illness.

    As for dialysis, I went for close to a year with a kidney function between 8-10% without being on dialysis. The incident that put me over the edge was a kidney cyst rupture/infection; if that didn’t happen, who knows how much longer I could have gone…

  3. Of course no one can predict, that wasn’t my point, my point was should she really have been on dialysis in the first place. That is all.

  4. Sorry; I think my response could have been worded better; I realize that your point was the dialysis issue, not the prediction of a quick death.

    I was just adding that people oftentimes expect a time frame when given news of a terminal illness; I just don’t think that it is possible to predict. Although told that her disease would “end her life quickly”, 16 months doesn’t seem to fit with “quickly”.

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