Phlem of a different color

So, I’m sick, again.

I have a full blown double sinus infection.  On some great antibiotics that make me feel like I am going to puke up my intestines…yum.

And an inhaler, which I am in love with.

I love you inhaler.

You are my friend.

My bestest best friend.

And I am off work until next Thursday because well I was supposed to work today but I called in (you know the sinus infection) and I didn’t have to be back until, you guessed it, Thursday. 

I am also going to a George Clinton concert tonight.   You know the funkadelic king?


I am now going to stick kleenex up my nose and lay my head down, it feels all fuzzy.



~ by Kim on June 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Phlem of a different color”

  1. I’m sorry that your ill. Should I leave you alone with your inhaler?

    Sounds like it’s time to get a good luck charm. Do Feng Shui, or something.

  2. Yes I named him Harold and we are blissful together!!

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