Not so wild times…

I got an email today from the BossLady, the head honcho, the clinical manager who never comes to clinic, ahem, whatever.

Apparently due to “census”, i.e. moving the patients to the clinic that makes the “big bucks”, we will no longer be needing the third tech on the T/TH/S days (tuesday, thursday, sat…all you non-dialysis peeps) and she is taking volunteers who would like days off or to travel down to Bigger dialysis Clinic.

I was steamed.  First off, moving the patients does nothing for, oh say, the patient, instead it just causes confusion because dumbass accounting people forgot to put the telephone number of new 48 station clinic in the phonebook!  and just lowered our census to where we don’t have enough work for the people who are full-time!

And why did we do this? So we can open a third shift of patients for T/Th/S in big 48 station clinic.  ECK!!!

Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?

Oh well, I have what three months left? 

I wonder if I can block the boss from emailing me? Like put her in the spam file?

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, three out of four calls phoned in everyday to our tiny little clinic is calling for the number of the big bad 48 station one.  The number hasn’t been in the phonebook for two years, who fucked that one up? And why they hell haven’t they fixed it?



~ by Kim on June 2, 2008.

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