Crazy peeps

So to be honest I’ve been slacking in the posting department.  My grandmother’s death shook me harder then I thought, so I thought I’d leave you with this news piece…,2933,361122,00.html

Because like bleach isn’t obvious in the blood stream…we don’t even use bleach to sterilize the dialyzers…all I can say is some people shouldn’t be nurses or in the healthcare field.

I hope she gets what she deserves.



~ by Kim on June 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Crazy peeps”

  1. Uhh… is that attempted murder? I hope she does lots of time for that. It’s bad enough when we make medical mistakes and accidentally hurt the patients. But this was intentional harm. Very bad!

  2. I know, who knows what the hell she was thinking…Dr. Death? Perhaps? I dunno, there is really nothing one can say at this point.

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